Board of Directors

Chris Duguay – President

Chris is the owner of One Island Energy in Sitka, Alaska. He is an Energy Rater certified by the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst. He is certified by the Association of Energy Engineers as a commercial energy auditor. Chris has completed energy-efficiency analyses on several hundred buildings including homes, businesses, and public facilities. He is particularly proud of his work on improving structural health and indoor air quality in Southeast Alaska. Chris began his career as a civil engineer working in construction management. As a builder, he dedicated 18 years as a residential and commercial contractor. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Southern Africa, where he trained associates of the Lesotho Ministry of Agriculture on resource development projects to aid schools and villages. Chris also studied at Solar Energy International in Colorado and works with renewable energy, designing and installing small-scale solar, wind, and water power systems. With his lovely wife and daughter, he enjoys hiking and kayaking. When the women aren’t available, it’s motocross.

Chuck Dearden – Vice President

Chuck Dearden is the Building Official for the City of Ketchikan, and has served as such for over a decade. Toward his work as Building Official, Chuck holds certifications from ICC as: Building Code Official, Certified Building Official, IBC General Building Inspector and IRC Combination Dwelling Building Inspector, IBC General and IRC Plans Examiner. Although he is not currently performing any energy ratings, he is a qualified Energy Rater and BPI Building Analyst. Chuck is currently a member of the Ketchikan Homebuilders, and has served on the State Board of directors as well as the Ketchikan Homebuilders. He has also served on the CCHRC Board, holding the position of Vice-Chair. Chuck has held licenses within the state of Alaska as a Home Inspector, Commercial Inspector, General Contractor, Mechanical Administrator, and Residential Endorsed Contractor. Chuck is a committed advocate in aiding the building community and general public toward the development of healthy, durable and sustainable shelters.

Craig Moore – Secretary/Treasurer

Craig Moore manages the Development and Construction Management department at Tlingit -Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA) in Juneau. THRHA is the leading provider of affordable housing in SE Alaska, and is recognized for their durable, energy efficient and innovative construction techniques in SE Alaska’s challenging maritime climate. Craig also serves on the SE Regional Advisory Committee of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC), and has served on the ABSN Board of Directors for over 6 years. Craig strongly believes in training and educating workers and building professionals in good building science and construction techniques. He is dedicated to improving the housing stock and quality of life in both rural and urban Alaska. A Registered Home Inspector, a certified Energy Rater, and a General Contractor, Craig also likes to hike, kayak and fish.

Jess Dilts – Director at Large

Jess is the director of housing for the Hydaburg Cooperative Association. As manager of Tribal NAHASDA for Hydaburg, Jess focuses primarily on rehabilitation work of existing homes increasing the energy efficiency while extending the life of the house. Under Jess’ direction, Hydaburg Cooperative Association, partnering with Building Science Corporation has been instrumental in developing climate-specific, energy efficient housing prototypes for the Habitat Congress Building America program. This work has culminated as the Building America design of the Basic Very Cold Climate House. Jess’ work is pioneering both new and retrofit housing resulting in buildings using 30 to 50 percent less energy, reducing construction time and waste by as much as 50 percent while improving builder productivity.

Anna Hilbruner – Director at Large

Anna joined ABSN in October of 2006 as an administrative assistant and went up the ranks as a project coordinator, CEEP assistant project manager and finally board member. During her tenure as a staff member Anna thoroughly enjoyed traveling to rural Alaska, meeting and training the local staff in 15 communities, and accomplishing energy savings for rural entities. Anna organized over 30 classes and educated home owners at 7 home shows and 3 special events. As a board member Anna is able to draw off of her experience as a staff member and contribute her skills in education, training and program development. She is currently working in Portland Oregon for Applied Proactive Technologies as a project coordinator accomplishing energy saving measures for the local utilities. In her spare time Anna enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and pup.

Richard Musick – Director at Large

Richard Musick has worked with his dad in the family business, Ester Construction, for 10 years building custom energy efficient log and frame homes. Richard is a 2002 graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a BBA in Business management and a BA in Technology. Richard received specialized training in energy efficient log building during a six-week course in New Zealand a few years ago. Richard and his dad have taught more than 20 log home building classes around Alaska. Richard has decided to specialize in healthy indoor air quality. He founded Ventilation Solutions in 2004.   A ventilation company focusing on providing good air quality in both new and existing homes.

Paul Cotter – Director at Large

Dr. Paul Cotter has a PhD in Biological Sciences from Idaho State University. He has experience training Alaska builders in indoor air quality, building sciences, and biological/toxicological aspects of homes and buildings. Paul also has extensive experience designing energy retrofit projects for residential buildings and has published an instructional DVD for ABSN titled, “Outside Insulation Technique.”